Video invitations are in trend these days. Whatever be the occasion when it comes to video invitation, they never fail to leave the mark! So, whether it is your upcoming marriage or a baby shower function, whether it is your friend’s surprise birthday party or just another occasion – send a video to invite in a really hassle free manner!


Before telling you how we would like to inform yours about some of the tips that would make your video invitations much more interesting. Keep these points in mind.

Tips to make your video invitations in a more interesting way

1. Make it funny:

So humor never fails to leave a mark and we all know that! One of the easiest yet so tough ways of making an appealing video invite is to make it funny. Make faces or write pun intended content in the video invite – it is surely going to work.

2. Try adding memories:

One of the best features of any video invite is that it can be personalized. Since you can personalize it in the way you want, why don’t you add some personalized content? It could an old family outing photograph or a memorable day at your work. Make it as personalized as you can.

3. A curious case:

You must lay down all your cards – said no video invitation ever! Why reveal everything in the video when you can make people curious. Tell them the time and date but don’t tell them what the event is all about. This idea definitely has some exceptional cases to be looked at.

4. A live video thing:

If you totally want to avoid the jazz and keep it to the point, best is to speak up. Make a video of yourself where you are politely inviting people. You can add a humorous appeal to it or keep it simple – choose whichever way you prefer the most.

5. Animation:

Animation is the in thing right now. They are fun, interesting and appealing. You can choose sketch video or make a caricature of yourself. Animated video invites are adorable and garner a lot of attention from people. So, you might just want to try it out.

As we spoke about the best 5 ideas that would make your video invitation a funny one, did we tell you how you can get it done easily? Well here are the super simple steps –

a. Get on the website and choose from the variety of templates. We have customized designs that suit every occasion and all you got to do is pick the one you feel suits your even the most.

b. In the second step, we shall give you a call and tell you the pictures we require to make the video. This process is going to be smoother than you read.

c. Here, you just got to sit and relax or perhaps keep a check on other preparations for the event. It will take us just 2 business days to prepare your video. Sounds simple already?