A very special day is just around and Indians celebrate this day as a festival with flag Hoisting and National Anthem. India was under British rule for two Centuries. There was a big non-violence moment lead by Indian national congress all over the country against the British government in the 1940’s. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their lives.

After many lives lost, on August 15th, the British left India. Since then August 15th is celebrated as Independence Day. This led to the partition of India and Pakistan.

Since the partition, India saw tremendous growth in the economy, media, telecom, space technology, atomic energy, and software. Apart from these, India is now world’s 5th powerful country with world’s 3rd largest military power. The national flag of India occupies a prominent place in Indian homes. It has three equal horizontal bands each with its own importance.

On top is Saffron (Kesari), which stands for courage and sacrifice. The bottom panel is green, stands for prosperity, vibrance, and life. White band in middle stands for peace, truth and purity, and bearing at its center is the design of Ashoka Chakra in navy blue color with 24 equally spaced spokes.


“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”       – Mahatma Gandhi.

Every year the celebration of Independence Day starts with the speech of Indian prime minister at Red Fort. The Independence Day Parade followed by various Indian forces and various religions describing their traditions and cultures through arts and sculptures. India is one of those countries having a combination of various cultures present in the world. Below is an info graphic chart about India.


On this auspicious occasion, send video greetings to everyone wishing Independence Day greetings with your own recorded voice and video and share it on to your social profiles within your network and tag them along.

Happy Independence Day!!