We know how killing it is to watch your best friend miles apart from you. You cannot feel their presence nor can you go and see them whenever you want. But, hey! That doesn’t mean you will stop making them feel special. So, what if they are miles apart from you, aren’t they the one closest to your heart? Yes! So if your long distance best friend’s birthday is coming here are the gifting ideas for your long distance best friend.

gifting ideas
Gifting Ideas

Creative Gifting Ideas

Send Across a Mug

Gifting a coffee mug is an old idea we agree but there are so many varieties of mugs that you can gift to your best friend. There are mugs that don’t just read funny but also makes the beer look like water! Your best friend is surely going to thank you for such an amazing gift. There are also mugs that instantly lit up the moment you pour in something hot. So, go ahead and choose your mug and parcel it.

Online Invitations

So what if your best friend is not in your town you can always arrange the parties whenever they are back in town! To make it more personalized you can send an online invitation video which will gain a tinge of creativity. You can make it hit on the social media making your best friend feel amazingly special.

Heartfelt Letter & Personalized Video Greeting

In the times of social media, letters seem to be history but nothing touches a human heart as much as a heartfelt letter can. So jot down all your feelings on the letter and post it to her. Also, show some love to your BFF and let them know how thankful you are to have them in your life with a heartfelt video greeting. Trust us, your best friend is absolutely going to keep it secured till eternity.


Group Therapy

Being the special occasion, it’s time for a group reunion. You can easily arrange for a group spa therapy wherein all your friends can be simply invited through an online invitation and you can all can reunite and spend and an entire day together having fun like old times.

Plan a Meet

Nothing would beat the surprise of arranging a trip to actually meet your best friend on the occasion of their birthday. If it’s possible you can simply turn up at their place on their birthday with a deliciously yummy cake. It’s common to send in gifts but at the end of the day, nothing would match the surprise of actually being there and meeting your BFF.

Having said that certainly, now you have a host of gifting ideas for your BFF. So this birthday, it’s time to celebrate and cherish that one strong support of your life who no matters what happens shall always be there by your side. It’s true that they are far away from you but when it comes to certain bonds, they surely defy distance and time. Go ahead and cherish your best person!