Bat Mitzvah is also known as Bar Mitzvah is a tradition observed by Jews across the globe. When a girl marks the age of 12 or when the boy marks the age of 13, a celebration takes place where relatives and friends are called. This celebration marks that the girl or the boy is now adult enough to take the accountability of her deeds. This event is celebrated with great enthusiasm amongst the community.

bat mitzvah

In this traditional custom, the father thanks almighty for setting him free from the responsibility. This tradition is observed right from the 14th century. Presently, the ceremony is celebrated with great pompous. Are you ready to get some easy tips on making the party even more fun?

Well, here they are –

1.Make it on a destination

You must have heard of a destination wedding but, what about a destination Bat Mitzvah? Think about it. You can pick any location other than your home and arrange your celebration there. This would be super fun and would also give you a break from the monotony of life.

2. Dress code it

How fun is it going to be if you ask your guests to follow a dress code? Well, pick the fashion of the 70s,80s or 90s and just make them dress that. This entire celebration would turn into an amazing one with this. Go ahead and try it out!

3. Themes to decide

Pick a theme for decoration and plan it up. You can arrange your food around the thematic decoration and it would be interesting for the guests. Pick a theme like ‘schools of cools’ or ‘childhood nostalgia’ and you would be good to go!

4. Video Invitations

It would be super amazing if you can make a video invite. It is simple and free of hassle. All you got to be just pic a template from our website. Our team will coordinate with you regarding the requirement of photos. Once that is done, it would take us just two days to prepare a video for you.

5. Return gifts

You need to give something to your guests as well as a return favor. Think of something that is quirky and matches with the theme that you have decided to follow in the party. Putting an extra thought in deciding the gifts for your guests would no harm.

6. Games and music

This is something that every adult loves, why don’t you put it. Choose the music that suits their liking. Also, don’t forget to add some extremely fun games. Browse on the internet & find out the most interesting games to be played in the party.

Bat Mitzvah is a fun celebration and you can add a lot more to it to make it even more interesting. In case we have missed out on an important point, let us know!