1st Birthday Invitation Template

The happiest and exciting moment ever is when your little baby turning one year old. Are you in the same line?. Then surely, you are planning to celebrate this milestone birthday as big as you can. Am I right? If yes, then join me in further. No matter how big the party is invitation is … Read more 1st Birthday Invitation Template

Muslim Wedding Invitation

Islam is one of the most prominent religions in India with 14% of the population. Wedding is mandatory in Islam as it preserves and multiplies Islam through his family and future generations. Muslim wedding invitations are created by strictly following their customs. Wedding traditions in Islam vary based on the countries but at heart, it … Read more Muslim Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Video Maker

A wedding is a lifetime memory. We expect every little thing about the wedding must be planned perfect and within the time. Usually, marriages include a lot of things to do and also need many hands for help. Months before people will take a contract with wedding planners to seek help and get everything done … Read more Wedding Invitation Video Maker

7 Best Ideas For Personalized Video Invitations

With Technology taking control over the Internet world, why not use video as an invitation medium? So, create a compact, personal and an emotional video and send it to you guests via the Web Services. Don’t waste paper or an envelope, compose and send green online video invitations. You can always avail the services of Inviter.com who are well known for making video invitations.

video invitations

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Give Your Words a Proper Expression with Video Invites

For hundreds of years, communication through papers was flourished and cherished. It has something elegant to touch the recipient’s heart. That is why we have wedding invitation on cards. But as the time has changed and new technology came, communication has changed with an instant and broader way of expressing. Video invites are one of them. To send an invitation in form of video is like talking to them in their presence. It has emotions and lots of possibilities to look out for.

video invites

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Innovative New Ideas To Send Online Invitations

The long wait is finally coming to an end as you shall soon be turning sixteen and consequently gain access to a whole new world of freedom. It surely is a big feeling to be able to take your own decisions up to an extent and be responsible for your actions. You and your squad is all super excited for the big day, as you all have been planning for months now as to how the whole celebrations must be like. Gone are the days where you’d rely on your folks for every little thing. Gone are the days when you could get away with absolutely any nonsense with the combination of a ‘pretty please’ and a ‘puppy face’. It is time to face more responsibilities with assertiveness, as you get to decide your subjects at school, your career path and make many other major decisions.

online invitations

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Free Customized Invitations for Your House Parties

Nothing beats stress better than a time well spent with your bunch of friends, who not only elevate your mood with all that goof, but also help you identify with a lot of things that you are currently dealing with. Sometimes, a quality time with your squad is all that it takes to get your head in the right place and switch to being motivated enough to find the right solutions to the issues of your life. Thus, it is really liberating to throw a nice and happening party, where not only does your immediate squad gets to enjoy. But a lot of other people get to socialize with you and your bunch. House parties are definitely an excellent way of getting people to have a warm and laidback environment to unwind.

House parties

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Create Your Own Free Save-The-Date Online Invitations

He has put the ring on and you cannot hold it any longer. Sending out your save-the-date is the first step towards your big day and is extremely exciting. It is the first announcement and breaking the news to your friends and family. You are getting hitched and you cannot keep calm. Makes sense. Getting married is quite a task. It is an all-consuming affair which requires your attention at every hour for the preparations. At times it gets so hectic that one tends to forget that the guests need to accommodate their dates and schedule to be present at your wedding. Save-the-date is hence very important to be sent out before anything else.


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Business Online Invitations That Will Entice People To RSVP

You started this business right from the scratch and used up every ounce of your energy to push your limits towards expanding in the market. With all the efforts that you have put in, you know that you deserve all the success that you have managed to achieve as this year comes to an end, marking a huge boost to your financial statistics. All your colleagues and employees together faced a lot of ups and downs throughout the year and so they deserve to sit back in the glory of all their team efforts.  You and your team have made a lot of sacrifices to achieve the targets that you had set out in the very beginning, where they had to tremendously cut back on their personal time just to ensure that they got their jobs done well within the hectic deadlines.

business online invitations

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Send Free Online Invitations For Any Occasion

Have you heard of the stories when your parents used hand-made invites to ask guests to join on their most special day? Or the first invite they made to call their family and friends to your first birthday celebration. However, your parents didn’t have the advantage of technology that exists today but you do. While sending hand-made invitations may be the conventional way. There are many things that you as a host can do with online invitations that you can’t do with hand written invitations.

Online Invitations

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6 DIY Wedding Favors To Stay On Budget

Weddings are supposed to be memorable and cute but budget can be a bump on that cakewalk journey. As you start out planning the wedding, one of the best ways to save money and time would be to send out online wedding invitations.

wedding favors

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10 Rеаѕоnѕ tо Sеnd Invіtаtіоnѕ bу Emаіl

Organizing a раrtу оr event hаѕ nеvеr bееn so easy. No mоrе print invitations and costly роѕtаgе – thеѕе dауѕ уоur соmрutеr саn dо all the hаrd work fоr уоu. We wіll hеlр you in ѕending your invitations to all your guests via еmаіl. Read on fоr 10 gооd rеаѕоnѕ fоr uѕіng free online invitations:

online invitations

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Invite Your Guests Personally With Free Online Invitations

Bella has always been a people’s person. Whether it was her office, the parties she went to, or her relatives, everyone considered her the life of the occasion. That’s exactly the reason many of them felt bad when she didn’t invite them on the biggest day of her life.


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