Friendships Day is around the corner and most of you might have already planned for the day. This is the day when you can express your thoughts and feelings towards your friend and celebrate your friendship.


And since friends are your lifeline and a part of your soul, they hold a separate and special part in your heart and this is why you should celebrate this day in the most exceptional way you can. So today we are offering you a few of the best Friendship Day Celebration tips and ideas those you can implement on this special day for your friends.

Tips and Ideas for Friendship Day Celebration

Organize a Party

Surprise your friends with a party with some minor planning and effort. Select a good venue or club for the party and arrange a DJ to rock the floor. Invite your special old and new friends with an online video invitation via and let them realize how much special they are to you. Plan a food menu and a few interesting activities for the party. You can also organize a small talking or singing session with your friends to express their feelings towards you and make the moment more precious.

Camping out

Plan a camp out with your friends to your favorite outdoor location with some interesting activities like trekking, hiking, swimming, volleyball, or surfing. If your friends love adventures, then they will definitely love this idea. The outing is a great way to make your friends go wild in nature and experience friendship in the fresh outdoor air. Here you can invite your best pals who love action sports and move out in a group. Let this friendship day be celebrated in the city outskirts.

Make a Poster Collage

If your friends love being too creative then try making a poster collage of them. Recollect the sweet memories from the past and stick those pictures on a canvas. You can paint your friend’s name or something else in it very creatively and generate a stunning image out of it. Build it in a way so that your friend loves it and your gift brings a smile on his/her face. You can also paint your and your friend’s name on the canvas in an inventive manner so that it brings joy to the day.

Hang out in a lounge or pub

Hangouts are good for friends who love retreating in the city restaurants or cafes. So if your friends love eating the junk food or hanging out too often then you can plan a small hangout for any of the lounge bars or pubs. Order some good food and drinks for your friends and express your thoughts and views towards them. Make the evening more fun by arranging some minor table games with your friends and let them express their opinion too.

We hope you like these ideas for the coming Friendships Day this 7th of August, Sunday. We wish you a fun-filled friendships day with your friends and the best of friendship for life.