Father’s Day is June 16th.  Are you ready? We did something special for mom last month. Now it’s time to show dad we care about him too. He may tell you not to make a big fuss this year, but deep down, he wants to know he’s appreciated. You can do that by planning a special Father’s Day gathering.


A day at the lake or a BBQ is just what dad wants. Instead of calling your family to invite them, opt for video invitations.  It’s a fun way to honor dad because you can customize it with last year’s videos and photos  in a unique, one of a kind invitation.  Add your event details, video or images, text, and music. Then email it to your family members and share it your social media accounts.

Guests can RSVP via Inwiter, making it easy to manage your event. You’ll know who is coming so you can plan accordingly. Start planning now and send your Father’s Day video invitation today so your guests have plenty of notice.