“When will we reach mom? What if we miss the event? Why is there so much traffic?”- when your kid starts to throw her tantrum all the way until you reach your destination; your mind goes haywire.


But the moment, you reach the school and see a brilliant stage set up for the graduation day ceremony, all you can say is a big ‘thank you’ to the entire team of teachers and support staff who have made your child attain the first milestone: Kindergarten Graduation. The first look of the event itself stole the show when you received a graduation video invitation designed exclusively for aspiring parents. And who made such a herculean task easy? The free online video invitations design cum felicitation portal – Inviter.

Simple, effective & interactive Video invitations

The Inviter video invitations are not time-consuming to make. All one needs are some nice photos and hell lot of patience to shoot ever active kids. These videos can be made even more special by adding themes, venue and other details with some peppy background music and sent to parents via email. See how simple and effective is that to make the auspicious day exceptional?

Perks of inviting through Inviter . . .

The best thing about using this portal to pen and send graduation day invites is that this has brilliant back end analytics which will help one in planning the number of guests, arranging parking and hospitality for the guests etc for the event. This wondrous portal will skillfully shoulder down all the hassles without giving the authorities the slightest of worries. One can also include RSVP in the invites which will help the school authorities to plan the exact number of guests arriving for the event. With Inviter portal one cannot just create an interesting curtain-raiser for the forthcoming event; but also get great assistance for planning and correct execution.

From small video bytes of proud parents till the exclusive “ this is to die for” expressions of cute kids; smart video collages can be easily made, uploaded and shared with parents in no time using Inviter video invitations. This will in turn not only make the parents feel out of the world and brimming with pride but will also give the little ones a charming memory to cherish for in the coming days of their life!