Wedding Invitation Video Maker

A wedding is a lifetime memory. We expect every little thing about the wedding must be planned perfect and within the time. Usually, marriages include a lot of things to do and also need many hands for help. Months before people will take a contract with wedding planners to seek help and get everything done … Read more Wedding Invitation Video Maker

Why You Should Think Of Online Invitations Over The Traditional Ones

Now the date is set and everything is taken care of for the event? The one thing that is left is sending out the invites? Think twice before jumping on to the paper designs for your invitation. Has the thought of online electronic invitation crossed your mind? It is not a very bad idea to consider skipping the traditional paper invitations.

Online Invitations

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Producing the Human Touch: Video Email Content

Producing videos is fun and exciting. You get to showcase amazing products, ideas, services. But the difficulty we all have is creating the perfect video that connects with audiences. You can create videos for masses and hope they get views and traction. You hope they go viral. You can be as a creative as you want and spend loads of money. But the fruits of your labor may not actually ripen.

video emailThe solution is humanizing your video content. It sounds vague and elusive, but it’s not. It’s really about knowing your audience and using a marketing channel that is more personal. I recommend email. Video emails are just starting to take off as a way to really connect with audiences. What makes video emails so appealing is it seems that you’re communicating directly to them. It’s exclusive as far as they know. It makes the recipient feel like they matter. 

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Email Blast Do’s: What You Should be Doing

When I first started my career, I worked for a company who was really into email blasts. video-newslettersBefore I got there, they were sending the same exact message to their entire contact list every week on a Friday. Needless to say their open rates were pretty low. That contact list was also dwindling. That was quite some time ago.

Email marketing has changed since then to say the least. Since consumers are are bombarded with emails from companies vying to get their business, marketers have to be innovative and work harder to create messaging that customers will open to begin with and then actually convert. Here are my tips that may have helped make that happen for companies I’ve worked with.

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The 6 Must-Have Elements of a Successful Product Launch

What does a one-year-old’s birthday party and a product launch event have in common? They’re both the celebration and unveiling of something new and perfect to the world. But unlike the toddler’s party, there won’t be any crying at your product launch—especially if you follow this list of the six key elements you need for throwing a successful event:


1. Select a good audience

Make sure you’re inviting all the right people and that you know them like the back of your hand. Of course prospective clients will be on the top of your list, but who else? Reporters are always good for the press, but also consider reaching out to active bloggers, tweeters, and reviewers (think Yelp or Amazon) who write about the products similar to yours.

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Ramadan Video Greetings

The holy month of Ramadan is a spiritual time for Muslims to come together, and act on a practice of fasting from dawn to sunset. This month long fasting is an observing and reflection for the Muslims who want to improve and and increase their devotion to the religious readings of the Quran.


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5 Memorable Ways To Celebrate Parents Day

Did you know? The most challenging jobs in the world is not being a doctor, or a lawyer, it’s actually being a Parent. Parents play multiple roles in our life. Sometimes as a friend, a mentor, a teacher, and a role model. They always put their children needs on top of anything and everything. They dedicate … Read more 5 Memorable Ways To Celebrate Parents Day

Fourth of July Video Greetings

Freedom is ones birth right. Such freedom came with great sacrifices. Since the declaration of Independence, we achieved many milestones in the history of mankind. We have seen many great leaders who led america to be the most powerful nation on the earth.


Let’s recollect such glorious achievements and innovations throughout the history since 1776, which shaped the future of our Nation. Fill up your hearts with freedom spirit to celebrate another year in this free country.

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The Perfect Father’s Day Gift


With Father’s Day on June 15, now’s the time to start planning a perfect gift for your loving dad. Instead of buying the cliche and traditional gift of ties and socks, reveal the creative side in you by designing an Inwiter video greeting ecard. There is no need to rush to the mall, and wait in the long lines. Send your man of the house a video greeting with your Father’s Day wish.

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Thank a Veteran when you see them

Each year the last Monday of May, this American holiday marks the beginning of summer with fireworks, barbeques, and sitting by the poolside. While Memorial Day has become a holiday filled with so much celebration and cheer, American citizens are forgetting that this one day marks America’s most solemn occasion. An occasion to honor the … Read more Thank a Veteran when you see them

Share Your Journey to Graduation via Video Greetings

Graduation is an exciting time to recognize the academic accomplishments of students, where a center of reflection and anticipation brings them closer to their future dreams. When a joyous time like this draws near, parents, friends, and family members race their way to see the graduation ceremony to commemorate the memorable day for their special … Read more Share Your Journey to Graduation via Video Greetings

4 W’s You Can’t Ignore While Party Planning

Party Planning – either be it a birthday party, graduation party, thanksgiving or bachelor party, planning is common. That’s how a party can be organized successfully. But 4 W’s you can’t ignore while planning a party are What is the date? What is the location? What is the party theme? What is the budget? Besides … Read more 4 W’s You Can’t Ignore While Party Planning

Treasure your baby’s first steps in video greetings

Watching your baby’s first step on their tiny feet is the most magical feeling you ever have. This a milestone in your baby’s life which you don’t want to forget. It’s hard to explain such magical feeling when you watch your baby’s first step, but its easy to capture and share those moments. Such adorable … Read more Treasure your baby’s first steps in video greetings

Did you take Earth Day oath?

Each year, April 22 is observed as Earth Day. This day marks a very important day in the history of 1970’s, considered as the birth of modern environmental movement. This moment aims to spread the awareness of Earth’s natural environment.


It’s our responsibility to save the natural resources for the next generation. There are handful of practices to celebrate earth day and to be a Eco-friendly being.

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Easter Video Greetings & Video Invitations

Easter’s egg hunt is always fun with kids around. The tradition goes on by decorating the chicken eggs for Easter and the decorated hard-boiled eggs are given out to family & friends to celebrate the Easter. Now-a-days Easter eggs are replaced by chocolate eggs, candy & jelly beans in it.


According to German tradition, the day before Easter, Easter bunny brings colored Easter eggs to kids. This myth resembles same as Santa Claus, brings gifts to children a day before their respective festivals.

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Create Love via Thank you Video Greeting

I remember a popular quote that I came across last week on the web while I was creating a Thank you video greeting to thank my friends for such a wonderful party we had.

“Saying thank you creates love” – Daphne Rose Kingma

This simple quote explains it all in just a two words “Thank You”. We get no.of occasions to thank someone. We thank them for being kind with us or for helping us. Saying “Thank you” was taught to us since childhood, to say when some one helps or spends their time and energy for us. It’s a kind of social courtesy, to wish some one for their help.


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