Many traditional Ceremonies are performed for a child in Hindu tradition. Ear Piercing is one such spiritual ceremony for a child.

Ear Piercing is not specific to any gender. In other words, It is common for a boy and a girl child. This Ceremony has a spiritual significance in India.


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What is the Right Age To Get Ear piercing Done?

  • Usually, Performing the Ceremony depends on family customs and beliefs.
  • Some Communities prefer to do after a few days of baby’s birth
  • Some belief to get it done in the first year or third year after the baby is born.
  • and the other hand, some of them wait until the baby is old enough to get it done.

Who Should Pierce’s ears?

  1. In some families specifically, family jewelers Will pierce the Ears.
  2. Most of the moms especially prefer to go to the doctor’s clinic.
  3. Some prefer to go to body Piecing Parlor.
  4. Some of them may also visit a reputed jewelry shop.

In other words, it is an important piercing need to get it done in hygienic conditions.

How to Create a Video Invitation For Ear Piercing Ceremony?

Creating an exciting Ear Piercing Video Invitation is a piece of cake with online platform Inviter.

In a very few simple steps, you can create a Video Invitation for the Piercing ceremony in a few minutes with your own photos and music.

  1. Sign Up or register an account with Inviter.
  2. Pick a Video template of your for your event.
  3. Make necessary changes to the text like Name, Date, Event Time and Venue.
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