Parties are synonymous to fun. Imagine a whole of friends present at one place with a lot of food and music! What sounds better than these? But, did we not tell you that you can add more fun to your party? Without a doubt, you can. Here are some do it yourself ideas that can easily pucker up and add fun to any party you wish.


Do it yourself ideas to make your parties more special

1. Dress codes

It doesn’t matter if your party is acquiring more number of people or less, adhering to a dress code adds the fun element to the party. You can always choose a funny dress code or a quirky one allowing your guests to experiment as much as they can.

2. Online video invitations

The party preparation itself begins when you send invites. Why don’t you add the fun there itself? Instead of verbal invites or rather a written one choose video invites. Add a quirky video that would reflect the exact mood of the party. These invites can get as creative as you want them to be.

3. Booze to loose

Setting up a small bar at the corner of the venue even if it is a house party shall be amazingly fun. You can even have competitions as in who drinks more and so on. Booze can instantly lighten up the entire mood of the party and make it even more fun.

4. Temporary tattoos

Tattoos are fun and each of us thinks of getting inked at least one. But the permanent thing makes us cringe a little. But how about temporary tattoos? Temporary tattoo stalls can be put in the venue making people make a tattoo and express themselves. What can be more fun than getting inked temporarily?

5. Karaoke night

There is a singer hidden inside each one of us, bring it out in such fun parties. Arrange a karaoke night with your guests and let them get loose. Let them get out of their comfort zone because the real fun begins there!

6. Fun venue

Venue is yet another most important element of the party. Choosing a fun filled venue, needless to say, makes the party intriguing already. You can opt for the venue like resorts or water park instead of a house party. Venues are important to consider with respect to your guests as well. You can choose the place that would go with the choice of your guests.

These are the several mentioned ways of adding fun to the boring party or rather making a party filled with fun. If you have any other suggestion or views to share, do shoot it below in the comments and let us know how you managed to make your party a fun-filled party.

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