House Warming Rituals in India

Buying a new house really a dream achievement in one’s life. House warming Ceremony/Griha Pravesh Rituals performed when you shifting to a new sweet dream home. In India, many traditions and rituals followed in festivals and ceremonies. One such traditional ceremony is House Warming. Many rituals performed when you buy your new dream house. When … Read more House Warming Rituals in India

How to Plan a House Warming Party on Budget

Plan to Host a perfect House warming party after buying a dream house. House warming Party has become a longstanding tradition from many many years. Welcome all your guests, neighbours, dear and near ones to your sweet home and arrange for a party. Search For More Home Sweet Home House Warming Invitations How To Invite … Read more How to Plan a House Warming Party on Budget

Ear Piercing Video Invitation

Many traditional Ceremonies are performed for a child in Hindu tradition. Ear Piercing is one such spiritual ceremony for a child. Ear Piercing is not specific to any gender. In other words, It is common for a boy and a girl child. This Ceremony has a spiritual significance in India. Browse For More Video Invites … Read more Ear Piercing Video Invitation