Your little bundle of joy is growing up really fast as she is on the verge of stepping into her teens. The way she talks with all that maturity, really baffles you sometimes. She still struggles with all the changing equations and new found friendships. The age where you pretend to know everything and yet learn something new every single day. She deserves an excellent celebration for her milestone birthday, that marks the presence of all her old friends and new. You have an excellent birthday party theme just ready to be incorporated, with the preparations already underway.

birthday party

How to Create Birthday Party Video Invitation?

What about the invitations though? Well, you can utilize the fact that your daughter and her friends always keep recording some hilariously funny videos that cracks you up when you watch them online. Let this be another project for her to figure the video’s script. And record it such that it goes well with the theme and ensures that her friends remember the party details.

Birthday Video Invitation

The video can be a Dubsmash where you can use up some voice clips creatively. And adding a little drama to the birthday invitations, putting your kid’s dramatic skills to some good use. The video can also be recorded using the amazingly fun Snapchat filters. Their voice overs are just as interesting and hilarious that are surely going to catch everyone’s attention. You can even have your kid prepare a vine using their creative skills, or maybe prepare a video that gives everyone the idea of how pleasurable the party is going to be like

Track Your Guest RSVP’s Easily

The ideas for making a good birthday party invitation video are unlimited. As far as you let your thinking cap capture something that feels just right and reaches out to all those important to your kid. Enhancing everyone’s interests to join the birthday party on the planned date. You can also take off a second or two, and inform everyone to RSVP the event through the RSVP button below. It allow us to share this birthday invitation video either through personal mails or over the social media. We ensure that your guest list’s RSVPs are always up to date.

Give your loved one’s birthday a much required boost and make them feel extra special with an excellent birthday party that we help you organize. While you get to just send out the invitations and take care of the other preparations. Inviter will maintain your guest list and RSVPs to keep you well informed about the headcounts you must be preparing to host.