I remember a popular quote that I came across last week on the web while I was creating a Thank you video greeting to thank my friends for such a wonderful party we had.

“Saying thank you creates love” – Daphne Rose Kingma

This simple quote explains it all in just a two words “Thank You”. We get no.of occasions to thank someone. We thank them for being kind with us or for helping us. Saying “Thank you” was taught to us since childhood, to say when some one helps or spends their time and energy for us. It’s a kind of social courtesy, to wish some one for their help.


Now-a-days, trending with technology, we can convey our gratitude in many ways like sms, facebook status update, photo sharing etc.,


The above said all are old-school. Saying thank you has been redefined for occasions, parties & events. We now say thank you not in anticipation to gratitude, but we thank them for making us to take part in their memorable celebrations.

Instead of thanking your guests/hosts in words or in sms, you can send a beautiful video greeting with your own photos & videos of the event you attended/hosted saying thank you for their time and energy. You can also share your thank you video greeting on your facebook and twitter.

It’s as easy as sending a text. You don’t need to spend minutes to create a cool thank you card. You can create one in seconds with our “Inwiter – video greetings” iOS app. Try now!