What’s one of the most important things to consider when managing an event? Yep, you guessed it: all those scattered details!

From coordinating dinners to managing guest registrations, there are so many event details that need to be managed and tracked. Fortunately, there are a ton of online event sites that will help you run a successful and smooth event.


The key is to determine exactly what you need from an event site, and it all begins with this #1 rule:

Know your audience inside and out.

It’s vital to understand what your audience expects from the event so you can provide the best possible experience. Knowing things like what time of day they like to open email or what’s their preferred method of communication will help you choose a site that will exceed their expectations.

We pulled together a list of questions you should ask when it comes to uncovering what your audience will want to see from your event site:

How tech savvy is your audience?

Different event sites offer an array of communication options—everything from general online email registration to mobile apps with killer push notifications. The best way to pick the right event site is to determine how you need to communicate with your attendees. Will they be viewing the site on a mobile device? Do they regularly check email? Would they download an app if you offered it? Answering these questions will make your selection process much easier.

Is your audience flashy or more pragmatic?

This will help you determine if you should select a site that’s more focused on form rather than function—or vice versus.

Will you be charging for event tickets?

If you’ll be charging for tickets, you’ll want to make sure the checkout process is user-friendly and simple as pie. There are a several sites available that allow you to manage ticket prices.

Will you be asking for donations?

A donate button can easily be added to your event pages—but some event sites are more equipped to provide this feature than others. If you’re a non-profit, you’ll definitely want to factor in a donation call-to-action before selecting an event site.

Remember, you can’t go wrong selecting an event site so long as your number one consideration is your audience–they need to be your priority in every step of the process.