Sweet 16, twinkling twenty, quarter century (25), half century (50), a full circle 60 – these are some never to forget milestones in your life. Celebrating these birthdays like never before will make you feel energized, happy and cherished.

Birthday Cake

When you are sixteen, your parents organize your surprise party but as you get older and wiser, you might miss out on celebrating your birthdays due to work commitments and busy life schedule. Rather than catching up with a quiet family dinner or a trip to your parent’s place. Why don’t you celebrate loud with a bombastic party? No! Don’t dismiss the idea calling yourself too old to celebrate birthdays.

Every milestone you attain is a celebration of not just your age but what you have achieved with your hard work. Your parents, wife, kids and even grandchildren have all the right to party hard and make the day merrier for you. A smile creeps on your face when you see the near and dear from all over the world singing happy birthday to you standing beside and supporting you like they have done always.

Fortnite Theme Birthday Invitation Video

As soon as you plan a party, you frame the guest list! Blessed are those whose family and friends stay close by and are available on a phone call! But for the rest, it is virtual connectivity that keeps emotions still strong. Though work had drifted you apart from the rest of the world. Online invitations still act as a bridge that will bring hearts closer and spread love all over. Inviter, the free online portal to create and upload video greetings and invitation helps you in this endeavor and makes your milestone birthday party a grand success.

With online Invitations designed exclusively by an able portal like Inviter, your party planning becomes organized and structured and celebrations become double fun and frolic. How?

Virtual planning

You can add RSVP option to your invitation that will help you to collect details like how many guests would attend the party, how many kids would be accompanying their parents, what are the food preferences, how to arrange parking and other facilities etc. Such automated and advanced planning makes your life easy!


Also, these online invitations reach your guests well ahead of time and there will be no blame on the mailman for not delivering it on time and you need not keep hurting your fingers by dialing your guests and checking with them about their availability.


Online invitations are free of cost and can be made with collage or with a series of video messages. These impact your recipient’s heart directly making them pack their bags and rush to hug you.

Quick updates

If there is an unfortunate incidence of change in party time or venue, all you need to do is to re-send the invite to the guest list and the event details are updated in the recipient’s mailbox in less than a minute.

With such minute detailing with the help of Inviter online invitations, your guests will definitely be awe-struck with the arrangements and you get the credit of being the best host!