Christmas is going to be there in some 30-32 days and we can understand the excitement these jingle bells brings to us. December, Winter and Christmas; is there any better combination? Perhaps not! We await for this time of the year when the year end is closer and so is our Santa Claus. Organizing and arranging a Christmas party with friends and family is something we always look forward to.


But, what are the ways in which we can organize the Christmas party and at the same time keep it wrapped within the budget? Well, here are some hacks to it.

Instead of buying variety of cookies and cakes on yourself ask your friends to bring their favourite packets. In this way you shall have a variety of cookie packets plus it wouldn’t dig a hole in your pocket either. You can even ask them to bring pan cakes instead of cookies, whatever you choose to serve.

2. House party

Instead of choosing a venue or a high end restaurant, why don’t you opt for your house? You can easily cut down the cost if you choose a house party over the party anywhere else. Besides, having your own house as the venue brings in ample of space for you to unleash your creative ideas for Chritsmas party.

3. Online Invitations

Since, we are planning a budget on almost a shoe-string budget, the hack of online invite is certainly a perfect way to save on your major invite cost expense. All you need to do is login to our site, decide on the template that you want, add in your guest list and then, your invites are ready. We even have the option for online video invite option wherein you can send in video invitations to your guests.

4. Decorations

The Christmas decorations are bound to absorb in a major chunk of your budget so instead of buying readymade Christmas tree and other decorative things, you can be a bit creative and create your own Christmas tree. Infact, you can even request your guests to contribute in Christmas tree decoration by adding  in some stars or bells to the tree.

5. Variety of Wines

Buying different kind of wines shall be heavily costly to you but since your guests shall be anyway bringing something, you can ask them to bring their favourite bottle of wine. You shall be having amazing varieties at the end without actually burning your budget and creating a misbalance.

6. Food

As we need to be cash conscious, try to limit your menu to light finger foods as that will help in to economize on your budget while the money saved can always be spend on buying thank you gifts for your guests.

We accept that Christmas is among one of the biggest festivals of the year but when you have shoe string budget, you can still manage ample of happiness even when you are running out of money if you plan wisely.