Surprise parties are always tricky. The biggest challenge is to surprise the person… pleasantly. But if everything goes right, the whole intention of throwing the party is worth it.

While planning a surprise party, there are but a few challenges that needs to be dealt intelligently. Some of the biggest ones are explained below.

Surprise Party

Omg, Did I select the right date?

No matter when you plan it since it’s not told to the guest of honor, there’s always a possibility that he/she might be busy or have some important chores to attend to.

Well, you can’t avoid unforeseen circumstances but there are a few things that can be taken care of such as taking the help of a confidante or just casually ensuring that he/she is free. Also, it is best to ensure, that people really close to him/her are also free on the day.

If you’re amongst those who believe that their ‘special day’ (birthdays or anniversary dates) is the best time to throw the party, think again. Will there be a surprise element on the day when he/she is expecting a party? The best bet is either to choose a weekend before or the weekend after that when he is sure that you have forgotten about it.

Whom to and how to invite

Planning a lavish party does not necessarily mean you have to have 100 guests. For a surprise party, the people you need are the people who know the ‘special one’ very well. After crossing off the best-known names from the list hit the ones who are left out because of the distance but are still close to the heart. Inviting such a crowd will add the perfect happiness element to your surprise party.

The other challenge is how to invite a set of people who deserve to be present on that special day but have to be coaxed enough to take time out of their busy schedule and turn up. Days of sending paper invitations are down and out, personalize your invite through the video invitations with Send out exclusive personalized video invitations right into their mailbox and make them understand the importance of their presence at the party.

What if there’s a fall- out?

Ahh, this is one challenge that stresses everyone out the most. Some people just don’t give respect to the RSVPs and show up without confirming, while some give the confirmation but cancel at the last minute. So how to decide the amount of food, seating arrangements, drinks of the gathering. The ones who send the RSVP still can be predicted but the ones who don’t confirm, you can either send them a mail or the simply call them up and confirm. Either way, it’s always a better idea to have some extra arrangements for the last minute guests.

The last thing you should not miss is to confirm with all the invitees a day before the party. This final confirmation will work best for you in two ways. Firstly, it will act as a reminder for the guests that they have to attend a surprise party the next day. Secondly, you’ll get the final guest list who are most likely to make to the party.

Go ahead, plan a surprise in a smart way and make someone feel truly special.