We call the People who protect our motherland 24/7, and saving us from enemy attacks as “Soldiers”. We call who help us to maintain good health and cure our diseases, save us from falling sick as “Doctors”. What should we call a common man who is voluntarily donating blood to save life?


In the name of humanity we should call them the “Real Heroes”. World Blood Donor Day, celebrated on 14 June every year, serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood.

According to WHO every year 92 million people across 62 countries donate blood. WHO’s target by 2020 is to obtain 100% of blood supplies from voluntary unpaid donors.

When I voluntarily donated my blood for the first time in my life, my family and friends appreciated me for my life-saving work, which in turn boosted me to do this divine service again and again. Let us salute to all the voluntary blood donors, say real life hero’s for their heroism in saving a life by gifting blood. Some of you may have real life heroes in your family, or in your friends circle. It’s our responsibility to appreciate their life-saving donations.

You can create a video greeting to congratulate and appreciate your friends and family. By appreciating a divine and humane responsibility you are also taking a part and once again, Thank you for all the 92 million blood donors around the globe.