Bar Mitzvah is widely celebrated amongst the Jews population in the west. This celebration holds greater importance to the entire community. An event has organized a girl or a boy in the Jews community cross the age of 12 or 13 respectively. This celebration determined the fact that the child is now ready to take his/her responsibility on their own shoulders. It is observed that the parents thank the lord for making their children capable of taking up the responsibility & thank the lord for setting themselves free.

Bar Mitzvah


Amazing Ways To Make Bar Mitzvah More Fun

Bar Mitzvah is one of the important traditional custom observed by the Jews community worldwide. It celebrates the time when a boy turns 13 of their age. In the Jewish community, the age of 13 is said to be the age when a boy is officially eligible to be held accountable or his actions. Bar Mitzvah is merely the ceremony that declares this.

Bar Mitzvah

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Nailing a Bar Mitzvah Centerpiece isn’t as difficult as you think

Clothing, decorations, food or the centerpieces, nothing is that difficult when it comes to nailing a Bar Mitzvah celebration. If the focus remains on the tiny details, you can arrange the most overwhelming party. The same goes with selecting centerpieces for the big party. While some take it too seriously, the other overlook it. So, what are the right ideas to decide on centerpieces?

The Foodie’s Centerpiece

No doubt bar mitzvah has to be a grand celebration at any cost. Why not make the party more delicious by going with an all food centerpiece. Even the kids are going to love it. Place the candies and peanuts in a jar and tie a satin ribbon around it. This can be your ultimate centerpiece without wasting much of the time and money. A great treat for the guests till the food is served!


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Save Money On Bar Mitzvah With DIY Projects

Expenses can quickly add up while throwing a bar mitzvah party. Ask any of the parents who have recently thrown one and they will tell you the same.

While the other parents might not have realized the different ways to save money on bar mitzwah, this should not be the case for you, after all, we brought the most exciting and affordable DIY projects for you:


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