There are some events in our life which are so blissful that you want to share with everyone who is valuable to you. And these events become reasons for connecting with such people and hence keep your relationship strong. Whether it’s your child’s first birthday or your promotion, a get together with your friends, colleagues, and family is probably the best way to celebrate your happiness. This also lets you connect with new people or build a rapport with someone who has recently entered into your life.


In earlier times people used to send invitation cards to their close ones. But times have changed now. Technology has made things way easier. You no longer need to go through hassles of posting cards to various postal addresses. You can send invitations to your loved ones using your smart phones or laptops. The best part is that you can manage all of this without spending a single dime.

Make your child’s first birthday a grand event:

You can make a collage of all the special moments captured. Now you can make an invitation card using this collage and various photo invitation templates which are available on the internet.

Thank your boss for your promotion:

Invite your colleagues and seniors in your promotion party by designing an invitation including your company’s group picture. You may also make a special invitation for your boss and thank him for making this happen. Using preset templates, it is just a matter of few minutes to design such invitations.

Make your wedding anniversary special:

You can make a slide show of the best pictures you have with your spouse. Now create an invitation made of this slide show and send it to all the people that matter in your life. Not only will it seem personalized to your loved ones, it will also make your spouse feel special.

Make your house warming memorable:

Invite your near and dear ones to your new house sending them invitations. This e card may contain the picture of your home which also would create interest in the invitees to have a closer look. You may also make an interactive invitation using the pictures of the best rooms or part of your house.

Reconnect with older friends:

Organize a reunion party and invite all the friends you haven’t met for years. Create such a photo invitation which focuses on each and every invitee and get them excited enough to not miss this event. This will help you reconnect with people who once were probably the most important ones in your life.

Inviting people using photo invitations makes people feel a little more connected as compared to the formal post card. Putting personal photos related to the get together at any event for that matter shows your eagerness to share your joy with the people you have invited. If you are an old school person and believe in sending out post cards, you can make your own using design templates and get them printed as you want them to.