You know what is coming as you are waiting for it many months, but now it’s time to officially celebrate your baby’s arrival. A baby shower is one of the times which make you emotional and as well exciting. You like to invite all your close friends and relatives than why not to send a video invitation? Here is the reason why a video invitation for a baby shower is more cuter than other.

video invitation

How to send a cute baby shower video invitation?

  • There are many ways you can invite people to your baby shower, but sending video invitations would be one of the most special ways. You can design it yourself and you can add a video of both of you by inviting people.
Baby shower invitation Video
  • When you send a video invitation with your own video, your happiness and excitement are visible. You cannot see that in a card or email. It’s a pure joy and personal to watch a soon to be parents asking people to join the baby shower. It makes a huge difference as it’s more personal and appealing.
  • One of the best things is a feature of video invitation. You can add images, animation, and music as well as the video invitation for a baby shower. And also you can set a theme for the party and put images to hint that. You can add beautiful images of baby and animation of baby animals as well. You can add music to a baby lullaby or nursery rhyme to set the mood for the baby shower.
  • Everyone is looking forward to joining a baby shower but by sending them a personalized video invitation; make them feel more good about their effort. You can add a video of yourself and the mom to be and make a cute speech about why it’s important for you if they come to the baby shower.
  • Most people make an announcement of baby’s gender in the baby shower cards now they can do it on the video invitation as well. There are many features which allow them to create an interactive baby shower invitation video in which you can add images of babies to clue the gender of the baby. If you are not going to reveal the baby gender or you just wanted it to know at the right moment, you can add both types of images and animation of a baby girl and baby boy.

Baby shower is one type of party in which you celebrate the arrival of new baby and as it’s the party, you can send a theme to party or ask them to write-downs something for the new parents in the video invitation. There are many ways you can make that day more special and video invitation is the way to make it possible easily.