There are only a few times when you get all your friends and family together in a single place. And as they come together to celebrate your beautiful wedding, it’s important to cherish these moments so that can be remembered forever.


Start with the pre-wedding photo shoots, which could be used to create online wedding invitations, and then start listing out the must-have fun wedding photos you would want to take on the big day.
To help you out, we have put together 7 fun wedding photo ideas:

The Perspective Pic

Create an optical illusion by showcasing certain perspective images. Make the bride and groom stand at different distances to make them look bigger than they are. Stunning images can be captured by this technique of photography. Get along with the bridesmaids and plan something that you can remember for your whole life.


Fun with Bridesmaids

Don’t forget to capture some photos exclusively with the beautiful ladies accompanying you. The options and poses may vary depending whom they are accompanying. For the bride, she could stand in the middle like a queen of the day surrounded by her lovely friends and for the groom, he could act like he is getting robbed by the beautiful ladies.


Bring in the Props

Blabber some quote out of a quirky prop or bring a handcuff to show the soon to be knotted relationship. Wedding photo booths can be real fun of the day. It can work beyond your imagination, offering the most quirky, yet adorable images of the day.


If not a photo booth, only a few props of your choice will work too. Some of the quick picks are – Balloons, flowers, bike, frame, photo invitations, masks, pets, mirrors, and bubbles.

Bring the King and Queen

Bring a tiara and crown to act like the king and queen of the day. Make sure you are accompanied by the bridesmaids and groomsmen to give the image a royal touch. The rest of the setting can be handled by the photographer himself as they know it all by heart.

The Hurdles in Between

You eagerly want to hug him, but what about the bridesmaids? Well, they are certainly jealous. Grab your girls and create a scene that shows how much you love each other.


The Fallen Groom

Again, it is the game of illusion showing a fallen groom and a bossy bride or a bowing groom and an arrogant bride. There is no boundary to create a visual illusion, yet the funniest ones can showcase the hanging groom, kicking bride, falling from height, dancing groom’s men.


The Flower Girls

Cute, adorable, fun, and innocent, flower girls can be your prop for all sorts of clicks. Try to capture the innocence of the tiny, pretty ladies. However, you have to be sure that they are comfortable with the photography. Else, a cranky kid can create real problems.


Well, this all about fun ladies, don’t miss the chance to experiment something out of box.