When we talk about weddings, it’s always the three-day rituals with lots of relatives, food, music that we think of. Anyhow, such days are gone when people would stick to this well-defined format of weddings. Now is the time where trends of having certain specific highlighting elements in your weddings are what trending among people.


Well, in case you are not aware of these trends then read on as we bring to you top 5 trends of weddings.

1. Wedding Location

Ditching banquet halls, people now are preferring to have a lavish destination wedding over the forts on the outskirts of the city, away from all the hustle and bustle. If you find it too difficult to fit in your budget, then opt in for outdoor wedding locations like a garden wedding as that would reduce your decorations expense and can also render a touch of natural setting to your wedding venue.


2. Wedding invites

Struggling over wedding invites for creative ideas is certainly of no use, simply opt in for our online wedding video invitations that let you design your wedding invites the way you want them to be along with the element of customization. You can also go ahead and design a wedding invite video as well and all this is quite reasonable as compared to your other traditional invites.

3. Welcome, bags

Well, it’s all about giving a taste of your royal hospitality to your guests. Through welcome bags you can gift in certain personalize goodies to your guests as that would be the highlight of the party, making your guests feel extremely special and give them a warm welcome.

4. Walking down to aisle

The serenity of Christian wedding is seen in no other style of wedding. A lot of Indians are willingly opting for this kind of wedding where you get to walk down the aisle wearing the beautiful white gown. You can easily choose the church of your choice with a few near dear once.

5. Selfie booths

Selfies are now a trend without a doubt. Hence a lot of couples prefer putting up a selfie booth in the venue. These booths carry various props to keep the guests continue clicking and stay engaged at the wedding.


6. Wedding shoots

We are not just hiring a photographer for the marriage but also for the pre-wedding shoots. Often the current mood for picture fails to get settle during wedding, hence pre-wedding shoots are largely opted by the couples. These pre-wedding shoots do have themes and concept to follow which makes it look much more loving and aesthetic visually.

There are various trends that keep on coming back and after all who doesn’t like to follow the trends. So, if you have followed any such trend in your wedding or if you are planning to do so, don’t forget to share your story with us below.