Weddings are one of the best blessings isn’t it? But every blessing has its own boon too. When you talk about wedding, lot of preparation and management comes into the picture and so does the finance. Given that we need to keep looking at our pockets too here are several tips to keep your wedding on a budget.

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6 Tips for keeping your wedding on a budget

Limited Guests

We are ought to invite the guests that is for sure but what we can definitely cut down are the numbers of guests to be invited. Try keeping the list short, as short as you can. You can call your dear and near ones and give a skip to the long distance relatives who don’t even meet you for years.


Yes! One of the greatest attractions of any wedding is its food. A lot of us keep the food in varieties which is at a times not even required. Try to choose the dishes and cousins that goes well with everyone’s taste buds. Keeping multiple cuisines and dishes would not only burn a hole in your pockets but would also end up wasting your money.

Off Season weddings

Deciding upon the dates that are in wedding season keeps the cost amazingly high of everything including the food and venue. On the contrary, if you decide to tie knots in off-season chances of your wedding budget going low are quite high! Hence you can surely consider the off seasonal time to get married.

Online Invitations

Being the matter of weddings you cannot compromise on the weddings invites as they are the first things on the basis of which people might judge you. Thus, to be a bit economical, ditch those traditional invites and opt for our online invitations. Unlike traditional invites, our online invitations provide you with a chance to customize your invites according to your needs without compromising on the aspect of creativity.


In weddings several rituals goes on for at least for 2-3 days. If possible avoid switching the photographers for each rituals as that would only add up to more cost and besides it hampers your comfort element. What’s even more interesting is that if you render an entire photo package to the photographer right from pre-wedding shoot to reception party, then you can certainly bag in some amount of discount as well.


Without music, no weddings can be fun. Considering music in wedding ceremonies is sure to give you some serious budget reconsiderations. So instead of opting out for a professional DJs for the party, rob in a local band or a DJ for your party as these DJs or local band charge comparatively less and you can easily save in some funds.

To add an element of surprise post your weddings, you can send in thank you online video greetings to all your near and dear ones for their blessings and presence on this special day of your life. Well, if you have found some more hacks to save your budget then do let us know through your comments.