Weddings are supposed to be memorable and cute but budget can be a bump on that cakewalk journey. As you start out planning the wedding, one of the best ways to save money and time would be to send out online wedding invitations.

wedding favors

While sending online invitations is cute, and quick, if you try to go too stingy on wedding favors, your guests might not remember your wedding in a good way. But fear not, because we have got DIY ways to create adorable and glitzy wedding favors that are well within budget, and they will give a personal touch to your wedding as well.

Here are 6 DIY wedding favors to stay on budget.

1. For Instagram followers

We all love Instagram, so why not use those endearing, cool, crazy, photos as your wedding favors? There are loads of ways to use these pics – you could convert them into coasters, magnets or mugs.


2. For emotional ones

Isn’t it cute to see your family and friends dropping tiny tears as you two take vows? But some never stop (and end up using all tissues). DIY tissue boxes as wedding favors can save you from this water-y mess.


You just need loads of tissue boxes (they’re cheap) into different shades of colors and ribbons to top up the look. Adding a personalized message for each guest would be a great touch.

3. For workout lovers

If you and your friends enjoy hitting gym or yoga classes together, then try something more than a local honey jar or fruits.


Grab a few water bottles (plain ones will work better) and apply charcoal paint in heart shapes or anything else you like. Once they are dried out, write the names of the guests

4. For shopaholics

Everybody loves to use those extra cute tote bags while shopping, so why not grab a few of those and get them printed as wedding favors.


The guests will never want to dispose them as ‘dispensable’ wedding favors. To go an extra mile, stuff them with some goodies.

5. For foodies

How can you forget something as important as sweets on such a blissful day? Instead of handing them out personally, arrange a buffet to let them pick their favorites.


Simply tie them into transparent small boxes and attach a small message. You might just end up seeing more crowds at the wedding favor buffet than around you.

6. For booze lovers

Who expects to be not in love with booze at an amazing wedding? If you think champagne or wine is expensive as wedding favors, then go for something peppier yet inexpensive gifts.


The vintage styled bottle openers are great (and affordable) wedding favors. Plus, they look chic too.

Got more ideas? Let’s share.