If your wedding is around the corner, we understand how busy you must be in the hustle bustle of the wedding preparations. Wedding invitations are one of the few major concerns that makes you scratch your creative mind as well as keep a check on your pocket size!

Hence, here we are presenting some of the best, cute, quirky and amazingly creative online wedding invitation ideas that you would love to try.

online wedding invitation ideas

Old style postcards – We can never get over the nostalgic feelings these post cards bring to us. Hence, why don’t you try old postcard style except for actually posting it. Render in a personalised touch by writing in a special handwritten message  and give it to your guests instead of posting it and relying on postal services.

Email look likes – With internet being the fourth basic need, why not opt for some  email templates and print it in the form of cards. These will give away a bit of modernism to your invitation cards and at the same time help in economising your budget.  Well if you want to make it more quirky, go in for whatsapp invites.

Video Invitations – The trend of free online invitations is on board which is why this option is another beautiful gesture towards wedding invites. You can choose invitation videos with collage of your photos and some old videos and send it to the guests via digital mediums like smart forms or social media platforms.

Gift hamper invites – Incase the number of guests are lesser you can also think of gifting hampers full of chocolates and wines with invitation cards. Your guests are surely going to love this gesture of yours. In case you find it too expensive then you can use this idea only for your extremely special guests so that it won’t dig a bigger hole in your pocket.

Musical invites– When you are fixing a grand wedding why compromise on invites! Go in for the musical invites which can either be delievered personally or use the mode of free online invitations. Irrespective of the mode you try, record in all your wedding details and send it through musical invites.

Filmy invites– Add a twist of films to your wedding invites by distributing invites in an empty metal film box. Scrap out the wedding details on the film and roll it in the metal film box with a simple tag of “PULL”l written at end of film strip. Having done that, we are sure your guests are never going to forget this quirky wedding invite.

We hope these ideas for wedding invites will surely make up for some memorable wedding memories. So what are you waiting for, time to gear up for some creative online wedding invitations!