The wedding is one of the most cherished moments of our life. It’s a new step towards our dream life with a person we loved the most. When it comes to a wedding, we go overboard by doing some special and lovely things for over life partner. So what are the things you need to consider when planning a wedding?


Here are the 5 most important things you cannot ignore


Yes, before we do anything before we even plan our wedding, we start imagining yourself at the altar. We want to get married at a place which makes our new beginning forever memorable. Some people choose a destination wedding, other people choose someplace where they can invite more people so everyone gets together to celebrate. But it’s one of the most crucial things to decide.


We don’t talk about money when it comes to the happiness of our life partner but soon you both are going to be together and it’s reasonable to talk about expenses. Ask each other, what kind of wedding we are going to have? Where can we save money? How can we plan efficiently and economically? Set a budget and stick to it.


Your guest would love to see you wed to your life partner, but they will talk about you for a week if your food is delicious. Set a menu and hire a catering staff near the venue. You can even ask the people at the venue to suggest as it will be easier. Set the menu accordingly that everyone has something to eat and make sure to have fancy drinks. Cocktail can be a great option so that your guest would feel refreshed all the time.

Guest list:

Now this is the tricky part. You need to make a guest list to invite people. T could be done different way like both brides and groom decide the number and invite half of the each. Otherwise, you can give this duty to your parents, so they can invite all your family and you save some seats for your personal friends.

Wedding Invites


Wedding invites are important as much as a tiring task. You need to write each and every one of them or prints your cards but still add a personal touch by writing their address or you can just send them a video invites. Video invitations are the most fun and trendy invitation of our time. it saves times and yet it can be personal as well. You can add the video or picture collage of your journey together and send an adorable video invites to your friends and family.

Weddings need to be planned and it takes lots of time and effort to make a wedding successful. Make sure to invite your friends who can help you set up everything; you can even send them personal video invitation and ask them to come early.