Fall has always been a fantastic time to plan a wedding. A great time to say “Yes, I do”. So, if you are planning a fall wedding, knowing what’s in and what’s out this fall is important. Without wasting any time here we go with the most astonishing and warm fall wedding trends.


Outdoor wedding

Nature is showering its love for you; all you have to do is – grab it all. The earthy smells, moss green, blooming buds, and the outdoors have much more inspiration these days.

An outdoor wedding can be the ultimate source of grandeur; you just have to pick a location to accommodate the guests and tie the knot in the lap of the lush green gardens. When you send the video invitation via Inviter, the guests will be excited by just knowing it’s an outdoor wedding.

Fall Themed Flowers

Flowers, an unrivaled essence of the wedding, whether it is summer or fall. The color of the flowers alone can add magic to the decoration. While selecting the flower, go for orange and yellow flowers. Put them together with some berries to add a lively touch. They can be used in the centerpieces as well as wedding bouquets.

A Theme for the Fall

Rustic themes are making a comeback, giving the chance to go a bit dramatic this season. Use antique style holders for the candles and let lanterns beautifully surround the place. Flower in purple hues are best suited for the rustic wedding themes and it will surely impart the classic appearance you had dreamt of. Not to forget, match the photo invitation in accordance with the theme.


The tricky part about the fall dresses is the weather. Fall days can be warm as well as cold. That means you have to be smart with the fabric selection. Also, when it comes to color selection, fall is no more just about hues of orange, brown, and yellow. Go bold with the color selection, you can also go ahead and pick darker shades of blue.

Lip Smacking Food

Cold weather, and hot and spicy food are a perfect combination. A bit of cayenne and chili is a nice way to spice up the fall appetizers. Don’t forget to add nuts and fall fruits.

For the wedding cake, give it a metallic touch to match the fall trends. City or country wedding, these stunning fall wedding cakes go with all sorts of the wedding.

Just this much to keep in mind and you can have the trendiest wedding of the season.