Last time we talked about the spooky Halloween party ideas, and now that the occasion is not at a far distant, you should start sending invites quickly. If you browse around, you will find a range of designer Halloween party invitations templates.

Happy Halloween

These Halloween party invitations templates look spooky and creepy and would be a perfect way to send to your friends and family for the occasion.

5 Halloween Party Invitations Ideas

Haunted and Spooky eCards

The haunted looking eCards match the theme perfectly. Most of these eCards include a haunted castle, bats flying around, spooky spiders, ravens, and lots more arts that suit the event. The invitation card should indicate guests what going to be included in the party and how much fun they can expect in it. You should also mention the date, time, and the venue of the event in the card so that your guests don’t lose their way visiting it. A skull shaped or pumpkin shaped eCard also matches the event.

Halloween Costume Party E-invitations

If you specifically want to signify the costume in the party, then try sending a Halloween costume themed Online invitation. This will indicate guests that they should be properly dressed in a Halloween themed costume and tend to look horrible. You can also specifically mention about dressing so that your invitees avoid coming in a normal attire.

Food Themed E-invitations

A party is incomplete without good food. So to make your guests feel at home, you can use a food themed eCard and mention about eating, drinking, and feasting. You can also mention the entire menu in the invitation so that you guests learn what they should expect at the party. Since food is the first choice when it comes to the party, this online invitation template can be one of the perfect choices you can make.

Kid’s Party E-invitations

If you are organizing a Halloween party only for kids, then you can try the children themed templates. In such parties, kids enjoy the most. They like watching what others wear, love having sweets and chocolates, and play fun games. So inviting the kids for the party would make up their day and they’ll find a reason to get together with their friends.

Halloween Video Invitations

If you are too busy organizing the party and have a shortage of time to send the eCards, then try out a shorter method. You can try the Halloween video invitations or photo invitations that would take just 2 minutes of your time and your invitation would reach to multiple guests instantly. It is one of the quickest methods to invite your guests. You can share them in your social media profiles or send via emails.

Simply record your video invitation and upload it to and it can be emailed or posted to groups once published on the site. You can also add special effects and background music in the video to add a theme to the invitation and let people know what the event is holding for them. Sending a video invitation or photo invitations will cut down the paper costs and save you time from writing and sending multiple eCards.