Ok! Pose for a selfie guys! Just one more! When you are constantly posing and pouting for selfies and groupfies amidst a nice breezy locale with the greatest bunch of dear friends, won’t you feel on top of the world? Taking a couple of days off your busy schedule and planning a trip to your favorite destination in this holiday season will help to rediscover yourself. Though your tickets are arranged, hotel is booked, bags are packed and your wallet is full. There are numerous other aspects that are a must to add spice to your holiday.

Holiday events

It is at this juncture, comes Inviter – the free online video invitations & greetings tool right at your doorstep, just for your rescue and unlimited entertainment. How? Keep reading:

Invite friends

While you are super excited about your holiday, there would be a couple of lazy bums in your gang who are always doubtful and full of negative energy. To convince these friends, you can create an amazing video invitation using Inviter that can speak about the place you are visiting. How are the surroundings, what fun you are expecting out there etc etc. With inviter posing no restriction to the quality of video and its size. You can get any candid video shot with a private message convincing your friend to catch the next flight and fly to you.

Greet with video

How was your state of mind when you first thought of an adventurous trip down memory line with your favorite bunch of people? If you wish to see the same excitement and adrenaline rush among your friends. Make a quick video greeting that meets and greets your besties with this awesome message of a holiday reunion. You can record a message, upload and send to your friends through Inviter platform with an RSVP option. It will help you to capture how many friends are interested and how many declined the offer.

Bon Voyage

Ok! If you are one of the unlucky friend who had to stay back from the planned vacation. You could still act as a sport and send a bon voyage message to your travelling friends. Inviter lets you choose amazing themes and color combination for bon voyage messages and upload them in a jiffy. These would be the best gift for your friend who is searching adventure in his venture.

Thank friends

Once you are back from a holiday, you might feel grateful to the hosts who made your holiday memorable. Inviter has the best solution for you when you are looking out for a way to pass your thank you message. You can quickly sit in front of the camera and record a heartfelt thank you message. And send this message to your friends and care taker who made your vacation memorable and super special via Inviter.

These are four quick ways of using Inviter video messaging options to make your holiday joyous and happy. When smiling faces and stress-free minds come under one roof, it makes merry memories. Inviter has and always will be the torch bearer for creating these memories and sharing with the loved ones.

Holiday Party Video Invitations