When your wedding is knocking at the door there are a lot of preparations you need to do. This also includes sending a profound and attractive invitation to your friends and family. While the ancient ways of sending invitations no more deliver the right value, you should choose a different and unique way to invite them. The online invitation ideas are trending these days and has become a sole solution for any kind of party or event.


So there are a plenty of ideas you can generate online and express in your own word how much you value your guests.

Create your wedding event

Creating an event on social media sites is super smooth and easy. Your mates will get easily notified when you create an event and invite them. This also includes the confirmation they make whether they’ll be present at the event or not. So you can check hourly and calculate the number of guests based on their confirmation. Creating an online event is one of the most popular methods to invite people globally at a time.


E-Greetings is one of the oldest online procedures to invite friends and they are still ruling the trend. You can send customized eGreetings with plenty of colorful cards. Choose your favorite wedding card and send it to your contacts. As soon as they receive it, they can open the eGreetings which will include some heart-touching texts and background music.

Video invitations

Video invitation is currently in fashion and is one of the most effective methods to create your wedding invitation. Imagine you are dressed as a bride, and recording a video message for your family and friends. How obliged they will feel receiving this video that contains the true emotions and happiness? This often goes missing in paper invites and this is why video invitations are most preferred by the current generation. You can choose your own video template, music, sounds, and additional texts if you want to include any. And there’s no hassle of editing or ripping the video because the free online invitation platforms customize and generates it for you. You just need to record your video, enter your wedding event details, and upload your picture on the site, and they will customize and generate your online wedding invitations video. You can share the video on social media websites or send them individually to your contacts.

Wedding Websites

Creating a website that contains your event details, venue of the wedding, time and a special invite is another working way that beguiles your invitees. You can share that website URL with anyone whom you want to invite or share it on social media with everyone. Anyone who sees the website will learn about your wedding event and shall be charmed with the invitation you have sent them. You can also embed your video invitation on the website as we have mentioned in the above section. This will create an emotional effect on the invitee.

Thus, you have learned about the most effective ways to send online wedding invitations. This reduces the paper cost and courier charges that you require spending on paper invites.