Wedding preparations start six to eleven months in advance with the urge to make every little arrangement perfect. To make it more exciting and fun-ridden, here, we have the quickest DIY wedding party ideas.

Diy wedding party ideas

So, without wasting any time, let’s see how to add stunning factors to the big day.

9 DIY Wedding Party Ideas

Creative Guest Books

Painted globe, vintage atlas, and coasters, the guest books can be created in any form. The messages written in the nicely created guest books can be fun to look at once you return from your honeymoon.

Barrels or Tables

DIY wedding party ideas

For an outdoor theme, the barrels can act as the perfect table. Old wine barrels decorated with green leaves and flowers can surely take the place of cocktail tables.

Creative Table Numbers

Instead of any huge arrangement, decorate each guest table with a simple DIY vase. It can be a tumbler or a small jar filled with fresh flower, holding the table number in it. Be playful while tucking the table number in between.

Direction Signs

Direct your guests with the hand written message. Depending on your creativity, the message can be extremely fun to read. Whether it is an outdoor wedding or an indoor one, creativity can be shown in all of it.

Rustic Chairs

rustic chairs

Even the simplest of chairs can be turned into something exciting. Hang golden branches on the chairs, giving it a rustic look or add in some flower as the sign of happiness.

Online Video Invitations

We live in an era where people check their emails, and social media, every minute. So, why not create a sweet online video invitations for all your guests?


With Inviter you can send free online invitations to guests, and it will take your 2 minutes, thus giving you 8 spare minutes to do something else.

Photo Show Off

How about hanging family photos among the decorations. It’s your big day and paying homage to the most important people in your life, even those who aren’t present on the big day, is a great way to start a new life.

Candy Buffets


Kids or adults, everyone admires candies. Why not throw a candy buffet. Add in all the trendy and classic candies on the table and tuck in a vibrant sign board saying “Candy Buffet”. Sweet candy accessories are available in the market if you want to add more drama to it.

Regional Treat

If you are hosting a party in the hometown, share the regional favorites with the guest. Packaging should be done in a classic container so that the sight of it reminds the elegance of the wedding preparations.

There is no boundary to the imagination, open all the horizons and don’t be afraid of trying something different. Who knows your creativity makes your wedding the statement wedding of the season.