Bachelor & Bachelorette Video Invitations & Greetings

Time is winding down on your single life! Your wedding day is drawing near, which naturally means it's time to invite your closest friends out for one last hoorah. Inviter can help with that! You need to send invitations. Make it a video invitation to create some buzz and get everyone excited!

It's easy. Simply collect your old photos of you with your attendees, both hard copies and digital photos, and upload them to a video editor. Then stream them together to make a video, including a slide to show the details of your celebratory event (where, when, and other details).


Then, upload your new video to Inviter and let us handle the rest! We'll send the invitation when you’re ready, track who receives the email and send a reminder for your guests to RSVP if you need us to!

It's an easy way to get your party guests hyped about your event, as if they aren't already!


  • iPhone Users: Use iMovie

  • Droid Users: Use Androvid or Kinemaster Pro

  • Add an mp3 of your favorite party song to play in the background

After the party is over, make sure to send a video thank you greeting to thank everyone for coming and creating amazing memories. Use videos and pictures from that night.